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Emmy Simpson religions studies major at Lehigh University

Seeking Greater Answers in Education

Emmy Simpson is pursuing religion studies as a major because she believes it provides an opportunity to better understand the human condition and prepares her for a wide variety of careers.
Annabella Pitkin religion studies

Histories of Memory, Devotion, and Relationship

Professor Annabella Pitkin grew up in New York City, with its contradictions like unprecedented prosperity amidst stark poverty. As a teenager, the impact of the city’s extremes inspired Pitkin to become politically and socially active and engage with issues like hunger and homelessness. Her book, Renunciation and Longing: The Life of a Twentieth-Century Himalayan Buddhist Saint, examines how communities respond to trauma, address suffering, and renew transformative relationships through practices of memory.
Hartley Lachter associate professor of religion studies at Lehigh University

Historical Trauma

Hartley Lachter, associate professor of religion studies and director of the Berman Center for Jewish Studies, studies Jewish mysticism, or Kabbalah, a radical form of Jewish discourse that developed in the Middle Ages.