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Why Religion, Culture & Society at Lehigh?

As a religion, culture & society major at Lehigh, you explore the character and significance of the major religious traditions of the world. You will examine ethical problems and basic issues of value and meaning raised by modern multicultural and technological society. 

Religion, culture & society majors benefit from a strong foundation in interdisciplinary independent research and analytical writing to understand religious thought and behavior as features of the human experience. 

Graduates go on to careers in law, medicine, education, marketing, the arts, and nonprofit work. Many pursue advanced degrees in religious studies as well as fields such as social work, law, education, criminology and medicine. It is also an excellent major if you are thinking about a career in the civil or foreign service.

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Religion students at Lehigh University
Student Voices


Emmy Simpson religion studies major

“Religion bleeds into so many different parts of society. You could fit it into a lot of different categories of occupations.”

Emmy Simpson

Religion, Culture & Society and Philosophy Double Major
Lehigh University University Center
Annabella Pitkin religion studies

Faculty Spotlight

Professor Annabella Pitkin's book, Renunciation and Longing: The Life of a Twentieth-Century Himalayan Buddhist Saint, examines how communities respond to trauma, address suffering, and renew transformative relationships through practices of memory.

Annabella Pitkin

Professor of Buddhism and East Asian Religions

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Hartley Lachter associate professor of religion studies at Lehigh University

Historical Trauma

Hartley Lachter, associate professor of religion, culture & society, studies Jewish mysticism, or Kabbalah. Lachter’s project focuses on how these texts described the meaning of catastrophic events in Jewish historical experience.


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