Lehigh Professors react to China's hip-hop ban

The Act Like You Know 9.0 cast performs during their final show in Zoellner Arts Centeron May 7, 2017. Kashi Johnson, an associate professor in Lehigh’s theatre department, teaches the class. (Courtesy of Kashi Johnson)

By Emily Thampoe

When Floyd Beachum taught high school history, he used hip-hop as a teaching method.

His students listened to old-school hip-hop and used an analytical lens to find messages embedded in the music.

“When you legitimize hip-hop and integrate it into the academic setting, what it says is that it’s not rebel music, it’s not necessarily outlawed music, it’s not just ‘stuff’ I listen to at home with my friends,” Beachum said. “(Hip-hop) now serves a purpose and is present in the classroom for broader critique and analysis, to connect it to bigger, scholarly ideas.”


Friday, February 16, 2018