Cyber Muslims: Mapping Islamic Networks in the Digital Age, organized by the Center for Global Islamic Studies

Date of Event: 

Thursday, April 14, 2022 - 8:30am


Roemmele Global Commons, Williams Hall or Virtual

April 14-15, 2022

In the Digital Age, the Internet offers tech-savvy Muslims around the globe with alternative pathways for narratives and networking, experience and expression. This interdisciplinary conference spotlights the cutting-edge research of seventeen prominent scholars whose work offers unique perspectives on the complex affordances and ambiguities of cyber Islam. Drawing on a range of case studies, we explore how diverse groups of Muslims deploy digital media to navigate the boundaries of community and identity, authority and authenticity, piety and performance, and visual and cultural (re)presentation.

Free, non-ticketed event. No registration required. | For details/schedule For more information contact: Office of Research and Graduate Studies, Mandy Fraley,

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